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Increasing the Value of your Property with Renovations


Paint Job
Chances are you’ve heard it a thousand times and believe me when I say, there’s a reason for it! A fresh coat of paint can have a transformative effect on your property that has to be seen to be believed. A new paint job can transfigure your asset from appearing old and worn down, to bright, modern and new. … more »

How Important is Insurance for an Investment Property?


As a real estate agency, we cannot stress the importance of taking out appropriate insurance to protect your most valuable assets. Insurance can protect you against: mother nature and all her fury (fire, flood, sharks with laser beams attached their heads etc), property damage or non-payment from negligent tenants, and even civil unrest if Krispy Crème ever runs out of doughnuts and … more »

Should I Furnish my Investment Property?


Furnishing your apartment can have some surprising benefits including: higher rental returns, a less competitive market and claiming depreciation costs. Additionally, if your property is a little on the ‘shabby’ side having a good interior designer come through and spruce the place up can bring it back to life. However, before making a decision about whether or not you want to furnish … more »

Pet-Proofing your Rental Property


As many Victorians are becoming aware of new pet legislation, it is imperative landlords get the right advice to protect their most valuable asset. Below I’ve outlined strategies to manage your tenant’s furry friends and minimise the risk of damage to your property.

Changing Lease Conditions
Pet clauses are becoming increasingly popular in tenancy agreements Victoria wide. Adding a … more »

Simple Ways to Transform Your Bedroom to Luxe


Let’s talk about the most important room in the house- your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a haven, your castle, your escape, and just because guests don’t spend time in this part of the house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find ways to luxe it up.

Bed Position
Even in a larger bedroom, a bed can take up a significant amount space. Placing … more »

How to Organize Your Home Desk


Whether you’re studying or running your own business from home, having a desk that is organised and appealing is super important in keeping that motivation running high! Here are some simple ways to really make your desk pop!

Wire Grid
Wire grids that can be hung from the wall are super in! My personal conclusion is … more »

How to Design a Trendy Layout, When You Have a Small Balcony.


You have big dreams, but a small balcony. It’s so small you’re not sure you can manage anything, but at the same time you don’t want to just leave it blank and bland. Here’s some sure fire tips to make your shabby balcony into a stylish entertainment area.
Be Realistic and Have a Plan
The first step is to … more »

Affordable (and Free) Furniture

Housing and planning

I had just moved into my brand new own place and I was so excited. The sun was shining, the future was bright and there was a skip in my step that I didn’t have before. it was about two days into the move, while I was eating take away pizza off a paper napkin and drinking water out the … more »

How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Home

Housing and planning

I get it- choosing a color scheme for your entire home can be daunting. With over a million choices of different combinations of tones and shades, it’s no wonder people generally throw it to the wind and stick to buying whatever is on sale. However, choosing a great color scheme and sticking to it from the beginning, can … more »

How to Make Your Small Apartment/Space Look BIG!

Housing and planning

I get it. You’re the sort of person who loves the convenience of a small space. Apartments and smaller houses are easier to clean, harder to get messy and you can pretend there’s not enough space for your annoying Aunt Sheryl to come stay. However, some of us want to have our cake and eat it too- a cosy, easy-to-maintain home, with … more »