How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Home

I get it- choosing a color scheme for your entire home can be daunting. With over a million choices of different combinations of tones and shades, it’s no wonder people generally throw it to the wind and stick to buying whatever is on sale. However, choosing a great color scheme and sticking to it from the beginning, can add an element of put-togetherness that you never imagined within your own home. It will make your home look well-designed, elegant and even expensive. Lucky I’m here to help. Without further ado, here are some useful tips to get your color scheme right, the first time around.

Choose colors from your wardrobe

People’s wardrobes often reflect their favorite colors- if your wardrobe is black and white, with pops of red, why not use this as your theme?

Are you a collector of whites, and creams- or are you drawn to a sunny yellow?

Draw inspiration from your wardrobe.

The only risk that comes with this choice is you blending into the furniture.

Choose a color form the biggest colored pattern you have

If your wardrobe is simply too large to possibly choose one color (I’m looking at you, ladies), try choose your color scheme based on your favorite patterned furniture.

For example, if you have a rug that you adore featuring grey, whites and blues- use it to your advantage and match your furniture to it.

Likewise, if you have a particular artwork to hang on the wall, try and identify the colors used and incorporate those colors in the same space.


If you’re a beginner in interior design, following this rule is a great way to create balance.

Divide your color scheme into three: 60% of a neutral color, 30% of your favorite preferred color and 10% of an accent color.

Reducing your palette to three colors will reduce busyness, and make your space look super put-together.

Pop of Black

If you are using bold colors, such as fire truck red or emerald green, try incorporate a couple of black pieces to make the bright colours pop.

Compliment your orange couch with a black rug, or incorporate a black lampshade on your purple dresser.

Safe Theme

When in doubt, do what everyone else is doing.

A theme that is steadily growing in popularity is neutral grays.

Sound boring, I know- but this understated theme is a sure fire way to bring elegance into your home.

Are the grays not enough of a statement for you?

Create a statement piece, by adding your favorite color into the scheme– neutral grays and sea foam blue is always a winner!

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