How to Design a Trendy Layout, When You Have a Small Balcony.

You have big dreams, but a small balcony. It’s so small you’re not sure you can manage anything, but at the same time you don’t want to just leave it blank and bland. Here’s some sure fire tips to make your shabby balcony into a stylish entertainment area.

Be Realistic and Have a Plan

The first step is to be realistic about what you can fit onto your balcony, and to make a plan based around that.

If it is truly minuscule and can only fit 1 or 2 people nose to nose, perhaps turn the balcony into a reading corner, a small garden or fit in a small table for candle-lit dinners.

However if you have a slightly larger space you may wish to fit in a lounging couch for sunny days.

Wall space

This is the mother of all tips-

when you have a small balcony, don’t be afraid to use every inch of wall space.

Hang trendy art pieces, use pictures frames to store memories or erect a vertical garden.

There are great examples of crafty folks adorning their balconies with black boards, newspaper holders, and bamboo fencing.

Shelves can also be quite useful in creating more space.

Utilizing this space is a great way to add design features to your balcony, without overcrowding your floor space.

Fairy Lights

Outdoor lighting is key to creating a magical space.

Fairy lights, candles and outdoor lights can transform a shabby balcony to a fully lit wonderland.

Fairy lights can be attached to railing, to the walls, even to the roof above to create a draping effect.

Candles can be stacked, placed in patterned jars to create intricate shadows, and interesting lights can be picked up at bargain prices (think disco balls and multicoloured light bulbs).

Just be careful with those candles!

There are great electronic candle replicas that may be more suited to your balcony if you’re known to be a bit clumsy.


I live by a firm motto that there is ALWAYS more room for cushions.

Adding different colored, textured and sized pillows can really make a dramatic difference!

They can be added to lounges, chairs or simply to the floor for extra seating.

The biggest range for outdoor cushions I’ve seen is for sure IKEA; however Target and Kmart have cushions that will do the same job.

Hidden storage compartments

I briefly mentioned hidden storage compartments in our ‘How to make you small apartment/space look big ‘article, and with a small balcony it’s the same principle.

Implement a coffee table with drawers, a footstool with an opening top or a bench with storage in the base.

This will keep everything clutter free and create the illusion of space, letting you get the best out of your floor plan.  

These storage spaces can also be used to protect blankets, and indoor cushions.

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