How to Make Your Small Apartment/Space Look BIG!

I get it. You’re the sort of person who loves the convenience of a small space. Apartments and smaller houses are easier to clean, harder to get messy and you can pretend there’s not enough space for your annoying Aunt Sheryl to come stay. However, some of us want to have our cake and eat it too- a cosy, easy-to-maintain home, with a feel of palace grandeur. Read on to discover life-saving tips, on how to make your small apartment look BIG.
Pull your couch AWAY from the wall!
I see you- angrily shaking your head at the screen in disbelief. “But, Storm,” you exclaim in frustration, “if I push my couch against the wall it GIVES ME more space.” Wrong, my friend. In fact, pushing your sofa against the wall is a big N.O in the interior design world. Often creating an illusion of space is about making a room less busy, and giving your sofa room to breathe will do wonders for your itty-bitty home.
Use light color
Using light colours is a sure way to make a small space look brighter and more spacious- and despite common conceptions, light colours don’t have to be boring: try a bright yellow couch, a baby blue painting, or a grass green vase.
Hidden storage compartments
The less cluttered your apartment is, the more space you have- the bigger your place looks. It’s a simple science. Try a coffee table with drawers to hide those pesky bills (they just won’t stop coming), or a footstool that holds the remotes to the television.
Interior designers swear by the mystical power of a well-placed mirror. Place a mirror directly across from a window to brilliantly light up your apartment- or, even place one behind a light source- a candle, a bedside lamp- for a dazzling effect.
A couple of decorative pieces bigger than a coconut
Clutter- it exists in every home. The small bits n’ bobs: the phone chargers, the books, the screw that you’re pretty sure doesn’t belong to any of your furniture, but you’re too scared to throw it away. Your job is to make those small pieces invisible, by drawing your eye to a focus on something different- and for this, use the coconut rule. Feature decorative pieces that sit on your dining table, coffee table or television unit bigger than a coconut.
Uncover your windows
Trust me, I get it- the outside world is a scary place. However, leaving your windows un-adorned is the best way to soak as much natural light into your apartment as possible. Take down those old curtains, let your windows go off the rails and watch how your space will transform.
Exposed leg furniture
Having furniture that sits off the floor creates more floor space, making your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, look bigger and better than ever! Not only will a raised bed or couch make your space look bigger, but it will help hide your biggest, darkest secret. Your floordrobe.
Storm Crystal Brooks-Hamilton

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