Skyrocket the Value of your Property with Renovations

Renovations are a great way to spice up your property- some people even make a living from it. When it comes to owning property, the biggest thing on your mind should be returns, returns, returns! At Holland Price, we believe in finding cost effective ways to increase your rental and sale value. Read below for, in our opinion, the best ways to increase a property’s value with renovations.

Paint Job

Chances are you’ve heard it a thousand times and believe me when I say, there’s a reason for it!    

A fresh coat of paint can have a transformative effect on your property that has to be seen to be believed.

A new paint job can transfigure your asset from appearing old and worn down, to bright, modern and new.

Read this article on How to Choose a Colour Scheme to get started!

Interior Doors

Interior doors are the Muhammed Ali of investment properties- taking hit after hit and never faltering.

From angsty teens slamming doors to the number of times you’ve accidentally stumbled into one, interior doors certainly do not get enough credit.

A fresh coat of paint and brand-new door handles will take years off your property!


Studies have shown there is a strong correlation between how a property smells and how much a potential buyer will offer.

If you want my opinion there is nothing worse than an old, stained, worn, smelly carpet which has the potential to reduce the value of your space.


Replacing old carpet will not only improve the look of your property but potentially eliminate unwanted odours such as dirt, pet smells and food scraps, providing neutrality- ahhhh.

In the event carpets simply aren’t working for you, why not transfer to laminate floorboards? They’re cost effective and look sensational!

Window Replacement

Many potential purchasers and renters are gravitating towards properties with big windows and plenty of natural light!

Generally speaking, windows should last you a good 30-40 years– however when they start to wither, paint starts peeling or rust coats the frames it may be time for a replacement.

Fresh windows can be a huge aesthetic asset to your property.

Replacing windows that have separated panes with a single sheet of glass can open up a space and make it more modern.

Similarly dividing a single sheet of glass into separate panes can create a new look for your property.


Green, leafy, beautiful front and back yards can add charm to any home.

There is an abundance of beginners landscaping tasks that are sure to increase the value of your home and these include:

  • Growing out the lawn or laying a new one
  • Weeding
  • Cleaning concrete and driveways
  • Adding bright, seasonal flowers and plants to give your property a pop of color.

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