Seasonal Secrets for Selling Your Home!

A question that agents get often is ‘what is the optimal time to sell your house to get the best results?’ Unbeknownst to many, the seasons can have a massive effect on the results of your sale! The weather can directly affect mood, the allure of your home and the practicality of open for inspections. Furthermore, seasonal patterns exist in every market place and they affect the ebb and flow of buyers and sellers.

Spring is stellar for selling!

Spring is a time of new beginnings; flowers are blossoming, the weather is getting warmer, spring cleans are in full go and new buyers are on the hunt.

For these reasons, Spring is often referred to as the ‘buyers’ market.’

People are shaking off a long, cold, Winter and with the new energy that Spring brings, they are ready to get things done including buying that new house they’ve been talking about!

An increase in buyers on the market means more views of your house and more potential offers.

More offers open up a whole new avenue of negotiation and bartering for your estate agent, ensuring you get the best price possible.

Additionally, conducting open inspections is very comfortable in this season- it’s not unbearably hot but it’s not freezing either!

These reasons make Spring a very good time to sell!

However, as the number of houses on the market increases this time of year, the market can become over saturated.

This means that the competition is higher as everyone else is listing too, therefore your property can get a little lost amongst all the options.

For these reasons, Spring is surpassed by my favorite selling season- Autumn.

For an astonishing sale choose Autumn.

In the opinion of many agents, Autumn takes the crown for being the best season to sell!

Much like it’s Spring counterpart, Autumn weather is ideal for open inspections often boasting less rain (as it’s exiting Summer).

The sun is shining, freezing winds are kept at bay and this can make your home and location seem more inviting!

However, unlike it’s Spring counterpart,

the Autumn market is less saturated and boasts less competition

ensuring your house stands out from the rest!

Furthermore, people who have sold their houses in Spring and are ready to downsize or look for their dream home are out and about in Autumn- and the best thing is they tend to already have the funds in their accounts to back their new purchase.

Plus, you never know when someone’s New Year’s Resolution was to purchase a new place!

For a successful Autumn sale, choose the right sales agent who will keep in mind how daylight savings will affect your opens (if applicable).

There’s no point scheduling an open for 5:30pm if the sun begins to set at 5:20pm.

Concurrently, in April you’ll compete with Easter, school holidays, and Anzac Day, so ensure your open times don’t clash with these holidays!

Summer can be advantageous…

The Summer can be a fantastic time to sell holiday homes- especially with a coastal view!

What’s more, homes with outdoor swimming pools or outdoor entertaining areas can be super appealing in the glistening sunshine!

If you’re looking to take advantage of Summer selling ensure:

  • The garden is meticulously maintained
  • The home is sufficiently cooled
  • Any harsh sun is blocked with attractive blinds

  • Depending on the type of home you have, Summer may not be the most optimal of seasons to sell.

    Opens can often be stifling hot in Summer, and the general population would much rather be at home cranking up the air conditioner than sweating through stuffy viewings.

    Additionally, with the vast majority of Australian festivities being during summer i.e. Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years, Australia Day etc, this time can be overwhelming especially for families!

    Amongst present buying, house decorating, cooking, baking and various other fun holiday activities, the need to buy a new house just keeps getting put aside.

    Besides, when you should be stuffing your face on roast pork and gingerbread, the holiday season is no time to uproot your family to move to a new place!

    Winter is dull.

    Winter may be a good time to sell if your house is particularly cosy.

    A house with a roaring fireplace and tons of fluffy blankets can create an attractive atmosphere for buyers.

    Additionally, you may find your agent has more time to dedicate to the sale of your home as their Winter portfolio is bound to be smaller.

    As Winter is generally seen as a mediocre season to sell, there is often less competition on the market which can make your home stand out!

    However, regarding homes that aren’t particularly appealing during Winter, it may be better to spend this time planning your Spring campaign.

    The fierce cold, gale winds and rainy weather of Melbourne can seem unbearable to battle at the best of times, and does a great job at deterring folks from attending open inspections.

    Fewer looks, means less interest and sometimes a lower sale price. Additionally, choosing an Auction time a month in advance in unpredictable weather? Not recommended.

    Consequently, this season can make your house seem gloomy, bleak and uninviting.

    Furthermore, due to Winters reputation as a poor time to sell, buyers may assume a Winter sale is urgent or the vendors are desperate, resulting in many unwanted low-ball offers.

    For the most effective Winter campaign:

  • Place special emphasis on your internet advertising
  • Ensure your description is faultless
  • Hire a professional stager
  • Guarantee your photographs are flawless

  • Online browsing is a year-round activity, and people are more likely to battle the cold if the house looks amazing online. As discussed above, fewer people are likely to inspect a property however in Winter the ones who do are more likely to be serious buyers.

    Be sure to heat the house sufficiently, stoke the fireplace and close the windows when it is windy. If guests mention how toasty your home is, this can be an ideal time to mention how energy efficient your home is.

    In summary, each season has unique features which can hinder or help the real estate game. No matter when you decide to sell, keeping aware of the above will assist in determining everything from marketing and advertising strategies, open times, presentation and maintenance and much more!

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