Simple Ways to Transform Your Bedroom to Luxe

Let’s talk about the most important room in the house- your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a haven, your castle, your escape, and just because guests don’t spend time in this part of the house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find ways to luxe it up.

Bed Position

Even in a larger bedroom, a bed can take up a significant amount space.

Placing the bed in the centre of a main wall and presenting it well will work to your advantage, by creating a picturesque focal point to balance the room.

Additionally, creating symmetry around the bed can add a sense of equilibrium.

Try matching bed side tables or, for a cheaper option, stools; they make fantastic night stands and double as extra seating when needed.

Making the Bed

A new quilt cover can sometimes be all you need to revive a lifeless bedroom.

I suggest neutral, soft tones such as:

  • Greys
  • Blues
  • Pastels

In a space made for relaxing, I prefer to keep this area free from busy and distracting patterns.

The use of soft tones invites a calm atmosphere to promote sleep and rejuvenation.

We’ve established that your bed should be the focal point of the room; therefore the appearance of your bed can have a dramatic effect on the presentation of the room.

Learning to properly layer blankets and to arrange pillows can give this room a regal feel.

You may ask, ‘but Storm, how many pillows are too many?’ and lucky for you, I have the answer.

There is no such thing.

Follow this classic recipe: 2 or 4 rectangular pillows, 2 European pillows and 2 smaller ‘feature’ pillows.


Implementing a statement rug can do wonders for any room.

Rugs come in a large variety of shapes and sizes: small, large, circle, square, woven, soft etc.

They are a great way to personalise any room, and can brighten up a drab floor space.

You can try a large centre rug in an exotic colour, or the classic European placement of two smaller rugs on either side of the bed for a super soft wake up.


As a final touch, replacing old curtains can be the breath of fresh air that brings your haven back to life.

Doing away with old, stuffy, dusty curtains and replacing them with fresh new ones is the interior design equivalent of giving your room some major cosmetic surgery!

Sheer fabrics are fantastic for letting in light, however darkness produces more melatonin which equals a better sleep.

With those points in mind, opt in for heavy fabrics such as velvet, wool & cotton that will assist in blocking out the light from your bedroom.

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